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Business Intelligence

person using tablet charts

There was a time when a robust business intelligence tool might be been considered a ‘nice to have’ for when you ‘have time to just analyze reports’, but today that has changed.

Now that business intelligence tools like IBM Cognos can be quickly and easily integrated with existing systems, and can enable business users to create their own reports on the fly without needing IT support, business intelligence has become an opportunity to find ways to “do more with less.” They have become integral to acquiring and delivering products to your customers with lower costs and better service.

Identify at risk suppliers so you can avoid out of stocks

Which suppliers are the weakest links in your supply chain?

Using IBM Cognos your supply chain managers can identify suppliers who may not able to fulfill forecast demand so they can develop mitigation strategies or develop additional supplier relationships and avoid an out of stock or lost customer.

Fine tune your supply chain using ‘what if’ reports

Are your supply chain processes optimal?

Using IBM Cognos your supply chain managers will be able to run reports on ’what if’ scenarios to determine the impact of using, for example, alternate shippers, shipping lanes or delivery timeframes, so you can fine tune every aspect of your supply chain operations.

Identify and eliminate your supply chain waste

Do you know the areas of greatest waste in your supply chain?

In most supply chains, the full cycle time (when material or information enters the supply chain until it is delivered to the customer) is primarily ‘waste’, or not value adding. IBM Cognos enables you to identify and eliminate waste, such as:

  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Overproduction
  • Overprocessing
  • Defects

Benchmark your facilities, suppliers, vendors, and partners to track progress against business goals

How do you know if you’ve met your supply chain key performance indicators?

Using scorecarding dashboards in IBM Cognos you can benchmark all your facilities, suppliers, vendors, and partners to determine how they are performing today compared with how they performed last quarter, and easily track outcomes against your business goals.

Make powerful business intelligence accessible to your business users

Can your business users create their own dashboards?

With IBM Cognos Insight your business users can create custom dynamic dashboards and visualizations on their desktop, no coding required. Let your analysts and line-of-business managers analyze, visualize and share data quickly and easily to help solve individual and business group challenges.

Why choose Bridge Solutions Group as your IBM Cognos solution partner?

At Bridge Solutions we understand the critical role that business intelligence can play in making you more competitive. We will work closely with your business users to ensure that your BI solution contains the high quality data necessary to help you meet your business goals.

We also help you maximize your return on investment by:

  • Training your employees in how to use the system and helping to embed use of the system into their daily routines
  • Training your employees to look at the right metrics, and interperate them correctly
  • Ensuring accuracy and timeliness of the information
  • Designing system customizations that are easy to use

We look forward to being your IBM Cognos business intelligence partner.

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Reporting capabilities from IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Insight

Query & Reporting

Enables you to create their own reports on the fly without requiring IT support.


Provides you with the ability to view information from multiple perspectives, and a broad range of alternative scenarios to build “what-if” projections.


Tracks performance based on key performance indicators (KPIs) so that corporate strategy can be directly linked to operational tactics.


Allows you to create elegant looking dashboards and distribute them for collaboration

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications (for Apple, BlackBerry and Android) enable interaction with reports, analysis and dashboards on smart phones, tablets and notebook computers.

Disconnected BI

Ability to run reports and interact with data while offline.


Statistical data can be generated and used in reports to support business decisions.

Real-time Monitoring

Enables drilling down to see the root cause of an issue immediately, and real-time alerts enable exception management.


Allows users to share, comment on, and work collectively while using reports to solve business problems.

Planning and Budgets

Enables you to create, compare and assess budgets, plans, business scenarios, conditions, drivers, rates and assumptions and then evaluate what-if scenarios critical to forecasting future performance.

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