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Bridge Rabbit: Subscription Order Management

Increase revenue and brand loyalty

Brands are offering more and more products through a subscription model and it’s working. With subscriptions, consumers only make the decision to buy once. Future orders are automatically scheduled (with the ability to adjust, of course). The number of brand impressions goes up. Customer loyalty increases. And the insights gained into your customers’ habits and product usage can be used to improve inventory forecasts. Not to mention, it provides a more predictable revenue stream.

Purpose built

The problem is, most order management systems weren’t designed to handle subscription orders. That’s why we developed Bridge Rabbit. A module that integrates with your existing order management system and lets you manage customer subscription orders. And best of all, it can be deployed in as little as four weeks.

Bridge Rabbit is:

  • A Web Application
  • Cross Browser
  • UI Responsive
  • OS and Device independent
  • Integrates with IBM Sterling OMS

For more information on Bridge Rabbit, or to request a new integration, please Contact Us.


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